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The opportunity to invest in the new companies that will shape the new era of the internet is now. Our investment thesis is based on native web3 theses that follow 4 major sectors:

New scalable and secure structure

We believe in protocols that help make Web3 more secure and scalable, and that bring important technological solutions for the coming years, through a solid and consistent infrastructure.


New decentralized businesses

We believe in decentralized businesses that range from DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Creator Economy and other solutions that take us from the platform economy to the ownership economy - giving much more autonomy to users.


New models of social interaction

We believe that the way we relate, in the ownership economy, will also change. From projects that focus on avatars, identity and metaverse, we have a keen eye on companies that focus on new models of interaction.


New immersive interactions

We believe that the way we experience the Internet will bring new models of experience, including avatarization, virtual reality, augmented reality and other immersive models that contribute to a better experience of the digital environment.

We build the future

We invest in visionary founders and innovative companies that are building the next generation of the internet.


We believe that these technologies have the potential to completely transform the way society works, and we want to be part of that change.


We look for people and companies that are out of the curve, that are thinking differently and building innovative solutions. We provide capital, resources and guidance to help these companies grow and become market leaders.


We are committed to supporting our companies along the way, from the start-up phase to the growth phase.


Above all, we believe in a more decentralized, transparent and fair world, and that’s why we invest in authentic companies that are willing to build the future of the Internet with us.

We look for high-impact projects, in early stage, oriented to Web3 theses and that deliver solutions that people want to be part of.

We want Web3 to become increasingly visible as a solution and not just as a technology.

We pursue a great impact

We are investors and crypto-natives

We look for founders and visionary companies

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nosso DNA is
the gateway to Web3 in Brazil

Brazil is the sixth largest crypto market in the world. In total, there are more than 17.2 million users. With our investment, research and consulting ecosystem, is the gateway to the Brazilian market.

more than




of Brazilians own crypto


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